COLOMBIA - you will love it



Why Colombia?


"Colombia - the only risk is wanting to stay".  We can only agree with this statement of a important Colombain tourism campaign. Let's mention just a few reasons why a Colombia travel is a must.


  • Colombia convinces wiht a breath-taking and very various landscape. It's the only south american country which has atlantic- as pacific ocean costs as well. Desert kind scenery in the highlands around Bogota, amaconic forest, dreamlike caribbean beaches  and snow covered mountains. And, of course, our beautiful "eje cafetero" (coffee aerea) where some of the most tasteful and famoused coffee  of the world is produced with passion and love. In the last years the government "created" more than 30 national parks and seems to be committed to avoid errors done in other countries. 

  • Certainly the population of Colombia is one of the kindest and most cheerful of the world. Hospitality is not just a word - its' lived.  

  • Foreing residents reach not even half a percentage point (0.5%) of the total population. Therefore it's a authentic country - it's Colombian. 

  • One will find a excellent travel infrastructure - not just for Latinamerica level. From air traffic  to urban pubblic transport - all is very well organized. For that reason Colombia is very suitable for travelling also with your family.  

  • Security:   The reputation of Colombia on behalf of it's security is by far worse than the real situation.  The caribbean costs tourist destinations  are nowadays considered secure as well as the centres of the important cities as Bogotá, Cali or Medellin. This is even more the case in the whole "eje cafetero". The succesfully terminated peace  process between the Goverment of former President Santos (premium Nobel of Peace 2017) and the FARC has further  calmed down possible tensions.

Why Eje Cafetero.... (coffee zone)?


  • The eje "Eje Cafetero" lies in the provinces of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda. The geografic scenery is characterized by green hills, large plains and mountains. The major part of it is  between an altitude of 1000 and 2000 meters over sea. Here you find an ideal clima for a very pleasant stay. Agreable temperatures at night (between 16 and 20 degrees) while the usual daily temperature is warm around 25 degrees (with peaks slighty over 30 degrees). 

  • Although the region is called "eje cafetero" here nearly everything what's planted growths. Around Pereira there are big pineapple and banana cultivations. One find orange- mandarine and avocado trees nearly in every garden. The Coffee region is also famous for bird watching.

  • We all like a tasty cup of coffee. But how is it planted, what's about the harvest and the roasting process. In the Coffee National Park or visiting an authentic coffee farm all your questions will be answered in the environment of a fantastic natural landscape. 

  • Embedded in the mountains of the natural park "Los Nevados" are the hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal and  San Vicente. Our favourite is the one in Santa Rosa de Cabal as it is the original and also more natural. You will be impressed by the beauty of the place. It's absolutely worth visit it. 

  • ​In the eje cafetero are also some smaller authentic "pueblitos" originally built in colonial style. Over Belalcazar is on guard duty the highest "Cristo" of the world. 

  • Salento and the Cocora Valley, Marsella, Filandia, the Hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal, the different theme parks and much more destinations of tourists interest one can easily reach from our marvellous Boutique B&B Villa Monica. 

... and Pereira?


  • Pereira is the capital of the province Risaralda, city located right in the centre of the eje cafetero at an altitude of 1400 meters. With its nearly 500'000 inhabitants it is a pulsating town with growing importance on a national scale. In the last years city government has established some pedestrian aereas - and it's quite funny to sit down in one of many coffee shops observing the people walking in crowded roads; or to do some shopping in  boutiques or one of the countless shoe shops.  

  • It's geografical location, right in the centre of the eje cafetero, makes of Pereira the ideal starting point for trips in the region or to the  different theme parks. 

  • Place of interests in the town are among others: - The Bolivar place with the monument of the naked Bolivar. -The cathedral "Nuestra Señora de la Pobreza". The Gold and Ceramics Museum Quimbaya. - The Ukumarí Biopark. 

  • Our  Boutique B&B Villa Monica is located aproximately 10 km outside the town, in the middle of an idyllic countryside and easily reachable with the public transport services (Megabus), a suburban bus network system with frequent connections. In our B&B you'll find all comfort, a beautiful pool zone and a highly familiar atmosphere.  We are looking forward to welcome you soon as our guests. 

  • We speak  fluently Spanish, English, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. 

Some tips:


  • Flights: The most economic flights normally you can book with Iberia or Air Europa. Sometimes other airlines offer some special prices which could be very competitive too.  

  • The Pereira Matecaña airport is served directly from Bogotá as well as from other important domestic  tourist destinations. For that reason Pereira is ideally located for a pit stop of some days or more in connection with a larger Colombian or Latinamerica travel.  

  • Currency: Colombian Peso (COP)  1 USD = aprox. 3000 Pesos.  

  • The import of foreign currencies is limited at a countervalue of USD 10'000 / person.  

  • Cash Machines: you can find them more or less everywhere in the city. Please be aware that the machines normally accept just passwords up to four numbers. 

  • Change. Banks normally don't change money. This service is offered from so called Exchange Offices. They accept USD, EUR and CHF. We strongly suggest to take just USD or EUR with you.  Actually EUR is changed at less discount to fair value than the dollar. 

  • Rent a car: In Pereira there are some rent a car offices. As the public transportation net is very well organized and prices for a cab (Taxi) are rather low probably  there will be no need for you to rent a car. 

  • Vaccination: no vaccination is necessary  to travel in the eje cafetero.   The same goes for the caribbean destinations Cartagena and Santa Martha and obviously for Bogotá too. For further information please contact your family doctor. 

  • Public Transport: The city of Pereira and the peripheral aereas are very well connected. For some years "Megabus", a suburban bus network system is running with great success.Price for a one way ticket is 2'000 Pesos (circa 0.85 USD).